What it means when Silicon Valleys’ giants meet Donald Trump for a round table

Trump and the state

As the president-elect Donald trump is due to head the White House come the beginning of January, he prepares for his term on a set of proposed manifesto that he promised to upkeep if he were to be elected as President.

On last Wednesday’s roundtable with the Silicon Valleys’ executives, big players such as Uber, Facebook and Microsoft amongst others, sat down and discussed the prospects of these tech companies playing a major role in building an existing and sustaining U.S. economy. A large parcel of the U.S. economy has seen the emergence of tech companies: a shift of production from traditional material industries to the heavily-vested technology services companies.

The face of the U.S. economy is changing, as these tech companies now heads the global frontiers of influence, of amassing across the world. A stake that was unprecedented proved a turning point in pulling in these emerging tech companies, due to capital investments funded by the state. Now, Trump wants a share of that pie, which was only made possible by state capitalism.

The promise of reviving a devastated U.S. economy and creating new jobs, Trump and his new administration has to work with these tech companies to create a series of economic reforms through domestic and global interactions.

Another deep concern is the security of the state. Social-services companies such as Facebook and Uber are a central data collection: particulars, activities and interaction. The fight against cyber warfare, in light of the DMC hacks and relative security penetrations is crucial that big data companies participate in the process of counter-measures to prevent nuances from these circumstances.

The world that faces terrorism in daily probable basis reinforces the need for virtual and security crackdown. ISIS’s global reach was only made possible through the use of smart-phones, social media applications and coordinated communication. Twitter, for example, has curbed the radical influences of ISIS, by shutting down affiliated accounts and location traceability. However, ISIS has evolved into a deeper centric communication and the ‘whack a mole’ effect still persists, following recent attacks in Ankara and Berlin.

As Trump sets out his agenda, the connections that he has made with his Silicon Valleys’ counterparts fuels less the notion the unattainable grasp of an unpredictable neophyte. Trump’s presidential path seems clearer than before; the realization of an isolative predicament in his previous rhetoric acquaint us that statism thrives in nothing but a capitalistic democracy.


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