President Park Geun-Hye’s escalating scandal: a fight against the patriarchal system

Gender Theory influx in South Korean’s democracy

From medieval ages to modern times, the dormant individual that inherits heredity a unipolar role is virility. The indication of a social construct that is imbedded in the society, that we marginalise the differences of gender has impacts in twain.

Gender Theory suggests that the subjectivity of masculinity; the dichotomies of men and women, of which makes us different is based on the social constructs that we perceive as heuristics. The self-notion of prejudice lies on the flaws of representative heuristics, that biasness comes into the foray when selecting a hierarchy.

The English monarchs were an advent for the unconventional ruling candidate in the realm of politics. It was the result of ungendered rhetoric that was put into action: the abolishment of the patriarchy in Great Britain in 1707 and followed by women that eloquently served as the monarchic queen. In modern times, we had seen the rise of power of Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and South Korean’s President Park Geun-Hye.

The fiasco that has unfolded in South Korean’s democracy until not so recently, that stemmed from the root of corruption under President Park’s illicit scandal. Her private relationship with Choi Soon-sil was disclosed through an investigation: a lobbyist who had ties with the president for business and corporate interests. It culminated widespread protests in South Korea, involving hundreds and thousands of people marching on the streets.

The reflection of ‘gendered’ thinking on human ideas and behaviour, of which women’s gender identity, behaviour and actions is deemed unacceptable in the pretext of Park’s numerous scandals and the association with a corrupted individual. Rarely have we seen women leaders that are tyrannous rulers; dictators of an autocracy; but we envision them as benevolent, caring and motherly human beings, in the biblical context of Mother Theresa.

‘Anyone found by the current investigation to have done something wrong must be held responsible for what they have done, and I am also ready to face any responsibility,’ President Park’s apology speech.

President Park’s adamant grip on the president’s seat and the denial of all the charges alleged against her shows her grit on a turbulent ride as a feminist, to emancipate women’s subordination and changing the institutions on gender differences. She has the power agency for the advocacy of feminists; however in a democratic political system, the people of South Korea intend to the break the social contract, through mass protests by echoing their rhetoric to call for her renouncement as the President of South Korea.

The price to pay to fight the patriarch; the consequence of neglecting the bureaucratic procedures, for a personal vendetta.


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