The truth behind the cameras and dramaturgy

The voice of people, not power.

Political actions, conflicts, war, humanitarian crisis. How do we find ourselves familiar with these terms? The ultimate source for these terms is found in the media. The news that is associated with the context may not necessarily sound intrinsic. However, the blatant issue of having the ambiguity yet reflects the foundation of journalism.

The truth is probable, but as there are unseeable forces always in play, the work of journalism has been hindered. We have the stage, props and actors, in what manner do we portray our flamboyant self, but all in the perceivable hands of manipulation do we see the fraudulent characteristics conceived by the media.

A documentary film by the legendary journalist, John Pilger. The War That We Don’t See.

The role of the media is to inform the public of news that is required and conformed. The information has to be held credited whatever propinquity hooked from the cesspool of sources. However, the velacity of the news reported by the media on war events is not entirely evident. The broad context of it had been intricately described by John Pilger’s, “The War That We Don’t See”.

The invasion of Iraq in 2003 was justified by Iraq’s supposedly possession of weapons of mass destruction. The dossier provided by the government that the justification of invasion was senseless and baseless, of fabricated evidence on due notion to mask the true agenda and it was further amplified to the masses through the manipulation of the media.

We have come to the issue of embedded journalism. However intrinsic the information journalists are faced with, the inability to report deep-centric salient issues but on the other hand, take things at face value is no less condoned. The conformity of these unseen forces that these journalists have to adhere to are no less celebrated by the ingenuity of news that are championed by independent journalists. The fallacies of worthy and unworthy news shifts our perspectives in the impression of issues that are featured in the media, which often sides to populist and elitist notion. Regardless of the justification of military intervention for trans-geopolitical threats, the humanitarian crisis created by these interventions is often not accountable. The immanence of disposition in the face of humanitarianism delineates the anemic level of empathy one has, much to the influence of the media.

The manipulation of the media under the influence of the politicians to carry out public relations with the masses to produce the brutal sense of the word, propaganda, is deemed political correct by the government. The incident of non-western journalists and activists that were killed during the Gaza flotilla raid by Israeli forces, were defended by the mouths of the Israeli government as an act of treason and with the notion of self-defence. This was exemplified by the reoccurrence of the propaganda which was used as a justification of humanitarian intervention, but in the off-stage preference that war was actually waged for beneficial purposes.

The information that we perceived by the everyday media has to be the basis of factual judgement, or the lack there of, and reasoning has to be strategic and rational and not inclined to arbitrary and expressive decisions.

The documentary ends with a kindled tribute to journalists whom had risked their lives, in the defiance of unseen forces, to report the unbiased truth to the public which is eternally raw and intrinsic. The hope of resurgence for the conventional doctrine of a journalist mattered most to the civilised and humility which chaperon the conscience of humankind.


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