Not a fan of narcissism.

Self advertisement and shameless gratification at its poignant function is utterly distasteful. 
Have a little bit of social awareness, the world does not revolve around an unique individual, as feigned righteous you are, put aside that ego, but the whole universe presides.

The world needs humans who can look at both sides of the picture, to understand the principle dynamics, whether in rhetoric, oratory or exposition, is necessary to decrease the continental conflicts between countries and social entities. 
Words that I find difficulty in expressing in theoretical precedence, as I have covered a relatively thin ice on a mass of untouched knowledge.

“Thinking the twentieth century Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder” is a fantastic read. It peers open a projectionist’s view on politics and history based on past catastrophes from both Eastern Europe, which set the centre stage of atrocities committed in the second war, with a view of Western Europe.

It comes short of a scrawl, for I have just finished the first chapter of the book. But well, that escalated into a blown size rant.


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