Daily Prompt: Vice

Vice, a one word prompt.

Terrorism, first and foremost, is a dense metaphor or a sole proprietor of modern vices. The basic human rule one has to obey is the law, and the law binds us from committing crimes. Rape, murder, abductions or any mold of lawlessness are subjected to the judgement of the framework, uphold by enforcers, the government and policy makers.

In the present times, technology advancements and globalization have heaped a major step in fighting back hideous forms of vice. What we see and hear from around the world is reported and networked to different channels of appropriate parties, in the guise of law enforcers or government officials. Atrocities happening in Syria, Libya and Afghanistan subsequently due to the rippling effects of the Cold War, have brought us to a needed standpoint on how the situation should be dealt with. It is appalling that unlawful activities are carried out everyday in such a high frequency, makes the law and its enforcers look susceptible.

Law and order is scant, due to the collapse of the structured framework. Years and years of conflicts, clashes of politcal values has resulted in millions and millions of people being affected by war, instabilty and amount of vices committed in these countries.

We have seen the atrocities, the pictures, the sounds and cries, and the sad stories of refugees. Globalism has helped us to achieve that, to gain exposure of what is happening in the burning inferno of the world of vice. The information given to us has to be approached tastefully, with a sense of compassion and sympathy. It reminds us of the basic sanity in humanity.

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