A one word prompt.

In the days of consumption in our daily lives, the tendencies we pick ourselves in meals we call as feasts. A celebration, a notion in which food indulges everyone to dig in the moment. The round table, long dining halls and people in general. We gather in populated spaces to commemorate a grand achievement, often not accompanied with grandiose settings, champagne and well-dressed individuals.

From medieval ages to modern times, feasting or having a feast is almost common in this age of the day. Poverty has improved due to advancing technologies and the rapid growth of globalization, where global aid and opportunities have enabled the poorer class to rise out of poverty to dine and celebrate in an ample manner.

Simple or grandiose, the occasion, and the especially, the people. Friends, families and the people that counts. Maybe sometimes having a feast is not just about fancy gourmet, extravagant amount of food, it is down to one’s perception of having a feast, of just having a simple hearty meal with the people, that counts.



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