Speckle of thoughts

Have you ever wonder what goes on at the far side of the road? 

Unexpected, intriguing, flamboyant and pompous. Everything on the other side seems overly-attractive and it pulls you into that latent hurricane. It swirls and swirls and finally, you are thrown out of it. 

Not because you could not keep up, the matter of environmental intrusion and negative effects that comes along with it, just puts you off. But yet, you are attracted by infatuation, which somehow gets you up on your toes and have your adrenaline pumping, literally.

Heart rate picks up speed, you are head over toes, flush-induced stomach and then you blush by the sheer idea of the name you do not speak of. Well, does it last till eternity as you perservere in that beast of a vortex?

I hope so. I do.


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