I love to draw, sketch and paint, ever since I was a kid. Never really got into the groove of it but just as recently I got back into it again. 

Well, it started a year ago when I decided to create sketches and books as gifts in recognition for a Christmas party organized by a group of friends.

Not to showboat, but all of them were done in a day. Also, a sketch of a ferret is missing, because time forbid.

And they called me the “wolf guy“.

The kind of satisfaction I get from it, be it time consuming or tantalizing, is rather beneficial for the mental health. People may have their own methods of stress relieve, but this is my ultimate takeaway. 

To be able to sit down and draw, concentrating on one thing and one thing only. It keeps my mind at bay and, lash out all the negative thoughts to the back of my head. It also works as a mind stimulus. 

After going through the whole process, my mind becomes a clean slate. It creates a space for generating thoughts and ideas, and at this point of time, the brain would be best used to do what? 

Study, of course!    

P.S. 6 more weeks to YE concert.                            


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