Dominant Lingua Franca

Words. People. If the latter are formed along readable lines, the world will be a better a place. There is so much going through my head. Letting some of it off my head onto this post. I tried to filter all that thought process and squeeze it into a blank empty space, hoping to get something out of it.

But, I just can’t. 

The amount of wants, to discover new things and acquire new knowledge, make up for that immense lack of concentration. To carry out tasks on immense levels on a daily basis requires intensive concentration. I seemed to lose touch of that. At my current stage of life, the point where stress levels are at its highest, it every so often forbids me to think freely and concentrate fully. Not the clearest mind in the day. It leads down to one point. Actions provoke reactions. Sometimes on the flip side, good and bad things happen. Ultimately, one will be hurt, and it indirectly affects the environment, whether it be for unintentional recognition or forceful integration.

People. I believe the basic human right is to treat one another fairly and truthfully. We grow upon these moral values but what makes us different in the end is how we look at people when we are in our dire moments. Sometimes it leads us sick of trying to be nice. That is what society does to us, it forces us to the brink where we often lose faith in humanity, and that, my friend, is happening globally around the world. Wars, global crisis and corruption, the lack of faith.

Dramatic, yes.

For past, present and in the future, make the change you want to be. Fight for what you deserve, not just for freedom and for people you love, and never stop believing. Have a little faith.

P.S. 7 weeks to YE concert.


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